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MPAAll Subjects27/12/2019
FATAL 6 - Welsh Safer by Sharing Seminars - Please book now

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Please book your place on the MPA's Welsh Safer by Sharing Seminars

21 June 2019 - South Wales
Copthorne Hotel, Cardiff 

11 October 2019 - North Wales
Llyndir Hotel, nr Wrexham 

 In response to the identified "Fatal 6", the Safer by Sharing Seminars for 2019 will focus on two key elements "Isolation of Energy and Lock-Off" and "Falls from and Working at Height.

e-mail -

Safer by Sharing Seminars in May - Fatal 6

Please book your places on the 4 regional Safer by Sharing Seminars that are taking place in May. The two key themes of the seminars are  "Isolation of Energy and Lock-Off" and "Falls from and Working at Height". 

Please see list of dates and venues below and view the document for details of the programme, how to book and details of other regional venues.

MPA's Sharing good practice 2018/2019 available as pdf

The pdf of MPA's Sharing good practice 2018/19 is now available to view or download from Safeprecast website. The document contains last year's winners, runners up and highly commended entries together with direct links to short videos showing some of the best innovations in action. Please review these and share with your colleagues.

 Hopefully, they will inspire your organisation to submit entries to this year's MPA’s Health and Safety Awards before the deadline on the 18th April.

Hard copies of the document will be circulated in a few weeks.

MPAAll Subjects10/04/2019
Still time to enter MPAs Health and Safety Awards
The deadline for entering the MPA's Health and Safety Awards has been extended to Thursday 18th April in response to members seeking extra time to be able to submit their entries.
MPAAll Subjects08/04/2019
FATAL 6 - Contact with moving machinery

High Potential Incident  - The video shows how an operator injured his foot when it came into contact with a milling drum. His injuries could have been a lot more serious.

The video includes captions to remind operators of the simple measures one needs to take to avoid this type of incident.

Please share this video with your colleagues. It is a very graphic illustration of the potential consequences of a moments thoughtless action.

FATAL 6 Nudge - Isolation


Please watch the short video that demonstrates how an operator was easily able to remove a multi-lock isolation clasp whilst it was still pad-locked.

The use of poorly designed isolation clasps could result in a serious injury or fatality if an employee or contractor is able to defeat the system. Whilst this requires an operator to break all the rules, it is possible that situations could arise when an operator is convinced that it is safe to do so, expediency could then colour his judgement.

The video also shows two examples of effective designs.  Please watch the video and ensure that your organisation is using appropriate isolation clasps.If you find a defective or poorly designed clasp please hand it in to your supervisor.

MPA Health and Safety Awards Videos

All the videos shown at the MPA's Health and Safety Conference and Awards 2018 are now viewable on the MPA's YouTube channel. Please review the videos of the award winning innovations and share them with your colleagues.  

Pleae follow link to view the videos

MPAAll Subjects08/11/2018

Stop and Think  -  ‘What if not If only’

Can other items of machinery affect where you are working if they were to start?

Consider all forms of energy when applying LOTOTO not just Electrical Isolations.

  • Electrical
  • Pneumatic
  • Hydraulic
  • Mechanical
  • Gravitational
  • Thermal
  • Residual/Plant & Equipment Overloaded
  • Material Flow
  • Water
  • Steam
  • Ionising & Non Ionising Radiation

Please play the video

Please play the video! – Fatal 6 – Contact with moving machinery and isolation



Safety Nudge - One of our Fatal 6 Incidents - ‘Contact with Moving Machinery and Isolation’

Please take 5 seconds to check that the isolations you are carrying out are secure LOTOTO Steps 4 and 5 found in MPA Guide to Energy Isolation

If a multi hasp and personal lock can be applied to the isolation mechanism of the isolator in the ON position


can be switched from the OFF position back to the ON after securing the hasp and personal lock

Report immediately to your Manager or Supervisor - DO NOT START WORK!

Always test your isolation is secure before you start work and recheck its integrity over regular intervals LOTOTO Step 7 MPA Guide to Energy Isolation.

Safety Nudge - Tyre replacement

The removal, replacement and repair of tyres can result in incidents that can lead to serious injuries or fatalities if the correct procedures are not followed. The pdf provides a number of safety nudges to remind people who operate and manage others carrying out these activities to just STOP THINK & ACT.

Please also share this with any subcontractors carrying out this activity, challenge your standards and question whether your risk controls are robust and correctly implemented.